Since 1999 she had been developing a product that would enable women to pee on their feet. After several prototypes, without success, I ended up leaving the project stopped for more than a year and almost giving up.

One day watching the Altas Horas program, Serginho questioned some women about what they would like to do if they were men. The answer was unanimous: pee standing up. That encouraged me. My invention had everything to go right. I refined my project again until in 2005 we began to market the product, already tested by several types of women. In 2008 it became known at the national level when we participated in Domingão do Faustão, in the Domingão dos Invención, reaching the final after winning one of the weekly stages with 54% of the votes.

At age 15, Woman Free creates comfort and safety for women when it comes to using a bathroom outside the home.

Marcio M. Ferreira,

The inventor.